The Invalidity of the Excuse, “Too Many Hypocrites!”

One of the accusations railed against the the church is “too many hypocrites!” I will come back to the issue of hypocrisy in the church, but first I want to address the hypocrisy of the accusation itself, as well as the invalidity of the excuse before God.

Hypocrisy within the church is no new issue. The apostles were confronting it, as is evidenced in the New Testament. However, over the last several years I have noticed that, for the most part, the only time people are upset about it is when it comes to Christianity. Not religion, but Christianity in particular.

There are nominal Muslims, as well extremists, but do you ever hear people accuse them as hypocrites? The same can be said of Buddhists and Hindus, etc. This is not a criticism, but simply the stating of fact.

The realm of politics, the very cesspool of hypocrisy, forked-tongues, and double standards! Even standing like champions on the mountain of corruption, so many people cheer and applaud them—ignoring the corruption and hypocrisy.

Atheism, the very antagonist of religion, declaring the foolishness—even the evil—of religion (again, Christianity in particular). Atheism uses terms like “good” and “evil,” but what are either of these apart from a solid standard (i.e., truth)? Furthermore, while atheism accuses Christianity of hypocrisy and evil, atheism’s own ideologies have produced communistic leaders who have oppressed, tortured, and murdered millions of people! But who talks about this?

And what about some of the apostates of late who are accusing the church of being filled with hypocrites? For years one person has taught fidelity, and has recently divorced his wife. Another who once wrote songs of the worthiness of Christ has essentially declared that Jesus is not so worthy after all. Then these individuals want to condemn the hypocrisy in churches???

Now, it is true there ishypocrisy within the church. There is no doubt or argument about this. But for those who want to judge the church so harshly, do youlove others perfectly? Have youmastered justice, integrity, and equity? I have been deeply wounded by other Christians. Being fair, I have also deeply wounded some. We are human. At the end of many days we pray, “God, I blew it!” The next day we try to do better. If we were perfect we would not need a Savior. This is not to excuse our failures, but there is often unrealistic expectations of Christians. I can probably say this for many, but with certainty concerning myself: If you think I am bad now, you should have known me before I came to know Christ!

In the end, the hypocrisy of Christians (nominal or genuine) will not be a legitimate excuse for rejecting Christ. Jesus is the standard, our example, and to whom each of us are accountable to. 

Let actual hypocrites play their little masquerades, give grace to those who are genuinely trying but still falter and fail. You are responsible for your own integrity (or lack thereof).

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