A Request for Your Support

I write for the purpose to encourage and exhort others. I am a pastor (just not of a church presently). I have been to seminary and am ordained. While I have served on staff, much of my ministry is volunteer and out of pocket.

I am not asking for donations; however, if you have found my blogs encouraging or helpful, I ask that you will consider supporting my work by purchasing some of my books through Amazon. I have deliberately kept prices affordable.

Presently, I have eleven titles available:

Christian Reflections in a Deflecting World – A collection of 150 brief theological/biblical reflections with questions to ponder for the person always on the run.

In the Eye of the Calm: Reflections and Poems on Faith, Hope, Love, & Life – This book contains 102 poems I have written along with commentary.

Light in the Darkness for Weary Travelers – This book is a collection of blogs I have written to encourage those who struggle with depression and other hurts in life.

Take Up the Shield of Faith: Christian Reflections for Young Adults Serious About Their Faith – A collection of 100 reflections covering 20 subjects (e.g., God, the Bible, Prayer, the Cross, Conduct, Spiritual Warfare, etc.). Each reflection also has questions to ponder on.

A Royal Priesthood: The Christian’s Privilege and Responsibility—Studies in Practical Theology – This book is a rich study in the apostle Peter’s teaching of Christians being a part of a “holy” and “royal” priesthood. This is not “fluffy” material, but is written to encourage believers what it really means to be a part of Christ’s church. Group study questions are included in the back.

BEWARE of False Prophets: Taking Seriously the Warnings of Jesus, the Prophets, and the Apostles – The Scriptures repeatedly warn of the growing danger of false prophets in the last days. Yet, the warnings seem to be taken less seriously as time goes on. Group study questions in the back.

Our Father in Heaven: Christian Reflections on Prayer – A collection of reflections and questions centering around prayer. Chapters include biblical teachings on the importance of prayer, how to pray, the God to whom we pray, who to pray for, what to pray for, and hindrances to prayer. Several appendices are included with more reflections on what the Bible teaches about prayer.

To Worship Is to Obey: Songs of Worship & Devotion – A collection of words to songs I have written along with commentary.

The Pure Gospel: Undiluted and Unadulterated – Many try to present a gospel that accompanies our comforts, pleasures, and sins. However, while the Gospel is Good News, why is it good? Although it is truly good, it also strikes at the core of our selfishness and pride. As we begin to understand this, we then begin to understand God’s incredible goodness.

The Lost Doctrine of the Bible: Missing in Plain Sight – One of the vital aspects of the Gospel and salvation is repentance. Although many churches dismiss this doctrine, both the Old and New Testaments stress it. In fact, Jesus says apart from it there is no salvation.

The Detriment of Distraction: and other christian thoughts – A collection of approximately 50 blogs I have written on various subjects.

Each of these are a available through amazon.com. If my writings are of any encouragement and help to you, I would greatly appreciate your support by purchasing copies. Thank you!


Geno Pyse

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