Some Questions Worth Pondering 

Our world is filled with smoke and mirrors, and much of the rhetoric politics, education, and the news is nothing more than gravy flavored crap on a plate, dressed with parsley. I have a lot of questions. Most of which are ignored. Yet my questions drive me to God and the Scriptures where my heart finds stability in a world that’s anything but stable. The following questions are not meant to be cute, clever, or humorous. Look at them closely and you will see they truly are honest questions in the midst of a world that seems to only know how to spin and revel in lies and deception.

  1. When politicians say, “No body’s above the law,” then why are so many politicians not in prison?
  2. If so many who claim to hate oppression and slavery, then why is there not more outcry and vigilance to fight against human trafficking, and why is this a multi-billion dollar “industry”?
  3. Why do some doubt the literalness of Jonah being swallowed by a whale and living to tell about it, but then claim to believe Jesus died and was raised from the dead? (The latter is truly a grander miracle)
  4. Why do many say there are no moral absolutes, but then say certain behaviors are right or wrong?
  5. If we defund the police, will social workers, BLM, gangs, and the cartel then protect our communities?
  6. Why is there more outrage when a police officer shoots a criminal than when a criminal shoots an average citizen?
  7. How are so many politicians millionaires when this exceeds their salaries.
  8. When Joe Biden screwed the unions over, why did this take them by surprise (his whole career has been centered and built around lies)?
  9. What would happen if people genuinely started thinking for themselves, and quit buying into so much of the crap fed through the news channels and social media?
  10. If socialism/communism are really good, then why don’t celebrities and politicians move to such places when it is in their means to do so? 
  11. Why do some think a person should not have the right to defend their home and family with guns?
  12. Why do people say “guns are dangerous,” when anything can be dangerous in the hands of the criminally-minded?
  13. How can a person be either good or bad, simply based on the color of his skin?
  14. Why do people marvel at the vague predictions of persons like Nostradamus, yet mock the clear prophecies of the Bible that have been fulfilled and some being fulfilled?
  15. Why do people say, “I have hope in humanity” when humanity is the blame for the atrocities in our world?
  16. How is Donald Trump a racist when through the years he has helped and befriended many persons of color?
  17. If it’s no body’s business how you live, then how is it your business how others live?
  18. If we say we want peace, then why are we constantly fighting?
  19. Why do people think peace and love can be attained by kicking the Golden Rule to the curb?
  20. Why is money such a powerful thing that people will do absolutely evil and horrible things to others to attain it?