Song: Celebration of the King

For the next few posts, I’d like to share some songs I’ve written. I hope you will enjoy them. I’ll first share the lyrics, then a link to the song. The first song is entitled, Celebration of the King.

No condemnation

For those who are in Jesus Christ;

Our declaration –

Jesus is God‘s great sacrifice!

Reconciliation –

Through Christ God draws us unto Him;

Our great salvation –

Jesus who takes away our sin!


We sing, “Holy!”

We give glory!

Holy is the Lamb!

We bow our knees,

He is worthy –

Holy is the Lamb!

New creations –

Made new by the Blood of Jesus Christ!

Revelation –

In Christ God‘s love is revealed to us!

(Repeat chorus)


Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb!

Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb!

Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lamb!

Who was slain – who is alive forevermore!

Exaltation –

Of Jesus Christ the King of kings!

Acclamation –

Jesus Christ is Lord over everything!

(repeat chorus x 2)

Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb!

(Words and music by Everett “Geno” Pyse)