Song: let Our kIng be praised

The third song (of four). I hope your heart will be stirred with wonder at the majesty and love of Jesus Christ!

The angels bow down in wonder

As they sing to the King of kings,

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb who was slain,

Who is alive forevermore!”

Let us join in their song like thunder,

Let His glorious anthem ring –

“Glory, glory, glory to the King who reigns –

Every tongue will confess He is Lord!”


Let us sing of all He has done –

And all He continues to do;

Let His glory far outshine the sun,

And fill all the earth through and through –

Let Our King be praised!

Let this song fill the hearts of His people –

All the earth become one holy band,

“Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord Jesus Christ,

He who died for the sins of all men!”

(Repeat chorus)

Let Jesus be praised!


Let Him be praised 

By every tongue and nation;

Let Him be praised,

Let His Name fill all the earth!

Let Him be praised 

For His gracious salvation;

Let Him be praised –

Nothing compares to His worth!

The angels bow down in wonder,

Tell me, how can we dare do less?

“Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb who was slain,

But who is risen – conquering death!”

(Repeat chorus)

Let our King be praised!

Let our King be praised!

Let Jesus be praised!

(Words and music by Everett “Geno” Pyse)