Life is difficult. Regardless of your color, gender, social or economic status, and political or religious views—trials are inevitable. Storms can come raging into our lives, causing such devastation around us, and striking us to the core of our beings.

Our storms can come in many forms: financial, physical, emotional, relational, etc., and sometimes a mixture of these. There are storms that will destroy if one is not resilient, and sweep a person away if he does not have a solid foundation. Storms have the capability of blocking out the sunlight, and reminding us we are not as strong as we think. After a while a person can begin losing peace, joy, hope, perspective—and even the desire to live. 

I’ve been there. I went through several years of continual loss and conflict. Eventually I was in a place where I felt like I was in a deep, dark pit. I admit, I held onto a death wish. Perhaps you, or someone you know, is discouraged, depressed, or feeling hopeless. My blogs are meant to be of encouragement. Although the nights can be very long, the sun has not abandoned the sky—nor has the Lord abandoned you! It is my hope some of my writings can be of help and encouragement to you. Blessings!