I am Geno, a young Midwestern man who grew up in Illinois, and who now lives in Minnesota. I am an author, poet, musician, ordained minister, and avid animal lover.

When I was younger I had one goal and passion—to be a drummer of a heavy/thrash metal band touring the world. In my latter teens God revealed not only that He is a God of tremendous grace, but He also has a sense of humor. My life was caught in a downward spiral, but God rescued me. This young man, who wrote songs about death and all sorts of godlessness, God called to proclaim His gospel of grace and hope.

When I became a Christian I pretty much lost all my friends. There were many, many weekends I sat at home with nowhere to go, but it was during this time God put within me a love for His Word and theology.

Since that time I have gone on two mission trips to Uganda, Africa, and earned my Associate of Divinity degree from Southeastern College (a school of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) in Wake Forest, NC. I then took a hiatus for medical reasons, but later finished my Bachelor of Ministry degree, with honors, at Crossroads College in Rochester, MN. For a few years I was a pastor at a small, rural church, then later for a season worked as a custodian and a youth minister. During this time I earned my Master in Discipleship and Spiritual Formation degree through North Greenville University, Tigerville, SC. I presently work for MN Adult and Teen Challenge, helping men overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Initially, I had envisioned this site to discuss various issues not often discussed in churches. Be that as it may, God has other plans. I need to discuss my own bouts of depression. I know there are other persons, including persons in ministry, battling depression. Some feel they have no one to talk to, God feels a million miles away, and the evil one bombards individuals with all kinds of condescending lies. We are not alone, we are not abandoned, and our salvation has always been by grace through faith. 

Darkness and despair can feel overwhelming. I have been there. Yet, I hope something I write will be used of the Lord to help you keep pressing on, and to convince you that you matter and are so loved!