When Your Blogging Changes, That’s Okay!

If you are a blogger, the chances are high that you love to write. Yet, just as you grow and develop as a writer, which requires change, so it is with blogging. Your passion and goal(s) might not change, but your style and approach might become more refined, focused, or personal.

I write almost out of necessity, as writing is a part of who I am. I write for myself as much as for anyone else. Writing not only helps me vent but also put structure to my thoughts, allowing them to become more concrete rather than abstract. In other words, writing helps me to learn. Writing helps me to learn about myself and the world around me, even as I write about these.

When I first began blogging I wanted to touch on subjects and Scripture passages I feel are often ignored in churches. Later, I went through a period of severe depression, so I wanted to offer words of hope. Since then, my blogging has still changed, although the previous elements are still a part of my writing.

I have also learned from some bloggers I follow. Some are extraordinarily gifted in writing in such a warm, personal style. This is something I hope to become better at doing. I don’t want to simply blabber out facts or opinions, but to communicate in a way the personhood of the reader is touched. Even in a way that if someone has different views than me, they will still feel valued instead of defenses being raised.

The goal of a Christian writer should always be love, while being faithful to truth. This is not always easy, as written words do not convey tones, warmth, or facial expressions. Furthermore, we are living in a time when there is a lot of fear, distrust, division, and uncertainty. These tend to muddy the waters and bring a lot of anger to the surface. Love must take all this into consideration and not let these become stumbling blocks to extending love and respect to persons who are craving these. This is where I am finding myself today, how do I communicate to others through my writings in a way that is personal, while extending hope and encouragement to a society that is really needing these?

Friend, perhaps your blogging has changed or is changing. If so, that’s okay. You might feel silly because of it sometimes, but I doubt others are thinking that. Allow the change, but remember the goal(s) you have in mind. For some, it’s sharing help and expertise in particular areas. For others, the reasons might be different. Regardless, change is not a bad thing. Oftentimes it is a sign of growth, development, and understanding. It might be uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s necessary.

I hope these words may be of encouragement to you, my friend. Blessings to you!